Friday, February 13, 2009

Dear President Obama: Are you REALLY going to force Congress to vote for a bill they haven't had a chance to read?

Try to remember those few days when you actually served as a United State Senator. I recognize that the time period was so short that it actually flew by in a blur, but TRY. I KNOW you can do it.

Do you remember what it was like to vote on a bill that you couldn't have time to read, analyze, digest?

So now, this Nation is looking at your arrogance requiring that just such a vote take place.

A vote where literally NO ONE has any idea exactly what's IN the bill, arguably only the largest spending bill in the history of the United States of America.

And you and the rest of the democrat leadership (using the term "leadership" advisedly) will force everyone to vote on a bill they've had no serious chance to review is yet another symptom of your colossal, out of control ego.

As a former Senator, even if it was, relatively speaking, for 60 seconds or so; few SHOULD have a better idea of how important it is that the highest legislative body in the country get adequate time to understand what they're voting for. Oddly, however, you seem to have forgotten all about that in the rush to get this scam passed.

It's been reported that, like a mouse designed by a committee, the actual language of this horrific waste of our money has turned into an elephant of 1071 pages; and it's also being reported that our Esteemed Speaker of the lowest-rated-in-American-history House is in a big hurry... because she's got an 8-day taxpayer paid-for boondoggle trip to Europe she's leaving for, and that is by ALL means SO much more important than this $800 billion sex act with the public you would govern.

Whatever happened to the promised 48 hour public review of this criminal enterprise? And how do you respond when Sen. Lautenberg (D-NJ) indicates that "none of his colleagues would 'have the chance' to read the entire final version before a final vote?

Yesterday, I discussed with you the concept of "competency." Mr. President, a COMPETENT leader would keep his ego and arrogance out of this. A COMPETENT leader would actually require a reasonable time for reviewing such a humongous waste of our money, so when we get screwed by this completely unnecessary waste of OUR money (It IS "our money," Mr. President, and NOT yours.) we will know the exact methods of rape that you will employ FIRST.

A COMPETENT leader would do something about all of this.

But then, a COMPETENT leader would believe the Congressional Budget Office report that this entire thing is an unnecessary debacle. A COMPETENT leader would focus on policy and oversight reform, instead of shoveling so much debt on us that our children for generations will be paying for this.

You don't seem to BE "competent." And I fear your INcompetence is going to cost us much more than money.

As always, I appreciate your time for this little chat, and we'll talk again soon, I'm sure.

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