Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dear President Obama: You're kidding.... right? Comrade Sotomayor for Supreme Court

VIDEO: Sotomayor on the court: 'Where policy is made'...
Sotomayor: 'I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male'...
Prospect's Résumé...
Self described 'Newyorican'...
MAG: The Case Against...
NBC: Would Republicans dare vote against first Hispanic Woman?
McConnell: 'Senate Republicans will treat Judge Sotomayor fairly. But we will thoroughly examine her record'...

Look, Mr. President... I GET that you're very big on affirmative action, given what it's done for you... but this is absurd.

You actually WANT to appoint a Justice that directly violates judicial tenets by believing and acting on the concept of usurping legislative prerogative by making "policy" from the bench?

Once again, you've managed to frighten and disgust me.

Well done.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dear President Obama: Are you imitating a broken clock?

Mr. President, I have hammered you like a nail on this blog. But when you get it right, you get it right.

Although it's disappointing that you ever considered releasing additional photos that would do nothing but inflame, that you stood up to the leftist scum running the ACLU and other anti-American groups that would rip this scar open is a hopeful sign.

I appreciate it. Hopefully, there will be much more to come.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Dear President Obama: Sorry, Sir, but I DO "blame you" for our horrific deficit.

Look, I appreciate having a staff of leg-humpers as much as the next guy. But Orszag really isn't doing you any favors by trying to tell us this massive deficits YOU'VE run up aren't your fault.

See, Mr. President, those of us paying attention know the dirty little secret that your scum are unwilling to say: If (as if it were ever possible) the deficit had, somehow, miraculously shrank, that moron Orszag would have come out and told us all that it was a direct result of YOUR efforts.

OK. I can accept that. Except for one thing: If GOOD economic news is your doing...

... then so it the bad.

You were warned by the Congressional Budget Office NOT to dig us deeper in debt with your bogus stimulus. You were told that to do that would, in fact, SLOW our recovery.

As is so often the case, you didn't listen and you saw the opportunity to pay back your union massa's while you shoveled layer after layer of debt on to the heads of our children's children's children.

So, now, the natural result of your inept incompetence is coming out.

And your moronic budget director tells US not to blame YOU?

Fat chance, dooder. This is YOUR economy. ALL of it. If it WORKS, you'll be WAYYYYYY out front, taking all of the credit. Good or bad, it's ALL on you.

When it falls on it's face, as it will inevitably do, you're gonna get all the credit for that as well.

Well done, Mr. President. You're screwing us up more and more every day.

Thanks for nothing.

Felix Salmon
Felix Salmon

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Mon May 11, 2009 9:39am EDT

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WASHINGTON, May 11 (Reuters) - High U.S. budget deficits are being driven by an economic crisis that President Barack Obama inherited, White House Budget Director Peter Orszag said on Monday.

Orszag, writing in a blog posting, also said that the administration's latest budget deficit estimates -- which were revised upward by $89 billion and $87 billion for this year and next, respectively -- reflect the latest data on tax receipts, federal bailouts and other government costs.

(Reporting by Caren Bohan and Richard Cowan)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dear President Obama: In case you're wondering what military leadership really is.

So far, you've been a clueless idiot about most all things military.

In everything from lying during your campaign about troop withdrawals, to blowing off the Medal of Honor Reception on your inauguration, to trying to get us to pay for our own wounds by sticking it to our own insurance companies, you've been an utterley loathsome Commander in Chief.

Well, Mr. President, here's another clue in the clue bag as to what it takes to lead. It's about courage. It's about sacrifice. It's about honor.

And frankly, Sir, you seem to lack any clue about any of those tenets of leadership. So here;s a video, from CBS of all people, that may give you a glimpse of what you're in charge off.

No con job like your last photo op with screened military supporters. But the real deal.

So, watch this, Mr. President. Get a grip. And get a clue. This is the kind of leadership YOU should aspire to.

The Warriors Code, Part II

Maybe not for you guys, but this one comes with a hankie warning for me anyway. Nah, who am I kidding, even if you have a Grinch pre-whoville 2 sizes too small heart, this one will choke you up.

Video up after the jump, since it plays automatically.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Brian Brennan is a fellow alumnus of The Citadel, and a brother of mine, in arms if not in blood. He is a recipient of the Arland D. Williams Award, and a true American Hero.

I just feel so humbled by men like Brian.

Here is his website.

H/t to Hawkeye and the VA

Dear President Obama: When it comes to Veterans and the military, you're a real moron.

Mr. President, I fear that one day, soon, your lack of value for the military, both present and past, is going to cost us blood.

American blood.

Once again, in it's own inimitable way, the fine folks at BLACKFIVE have hit the nail on the head.
And, as a brief aside, that racist crap you thought was so funny... about Limbaugh succumbing to kidney failure?

Oddly enough, I'm coming to feel the same way about you.

Hah, hah. Yuk, yuk. Funny, eh?

Your cluelessness about the military and veterans is already legendary. That you never cared enough about our country to serve it emphasizes your clueless idiocy about all things military.

Mr. President, this isn't ABOUT you. It's about those who put their asses on the line so a dumb shit like YOU could unfortunately be elected to the most powerful office in the world.

So, do us all a favor.

Don't go. Stay here. Send Biden. Send Clinton. Hell, send that lie of a "I'm going to get a dog out of a shelter" mutt that got more coverage than Darfur.

That you would use this as a photo op disgusts me. The networks will, of course, be on there knees in front of you, again, and make some totally absurd effort to make you One Of Us.

It's as bad as ripping us off for $350,000 for a photo op that could have been photo-shopped for nothing.



I Refuse to Listen....
Posted By Deebow

I am not trying to harsh the Best Ranger Mellow...

I refuse to listen to anything that the Obama Administration, or President Obama says about how much he "values the sacrifices of our veterans" when he continues to do things like suggest that combat related injuries would need to be covered by my Blue Cross/Blue Shield (what a tool-bag idea).

And I remain unconvinced that he even has any idea about the sacrifices that veterans make for the freedoms that many others, besides America, enjoy now. And this is why...

The 65th Anniversary of D-Day is fast approaching. Barack Obama will attend the events on June 6th as George Bush did in 2004 for the sixtieth memorial service.

Here is the rub, as of now Obama’s State Department has asked (read demanded) the French government not allow tour guide services to operate that day. It is a big day for Normandy tourism. Yet, the king will not allow those not connected with government to enjoy the day.

I refuse to listen to a Commander in Chief who continues to treat me like a battered wife; telling me how much you love me after you spend most of the evening slapping me around the kitchen for dinner not being hot.

His continued disrespect of the sacrifices of men who he isn't fit to hold the hat of sends me absolutely to the moon, and I know I should not get this angry about this stuff, because it is who he is, but I am flat tired of being told, in a very battered wife sorta way, that I am a potential terrorist, that I am not allowed to tour the grounds where heroes shed their blood for the freedom of others (and my comrades lie forever) and that I better get a job with good health insurance, so I can use it to cover my combat injuries.


Friday, May 8, 2009

Dear President Obama: Firing Caldera doesn't let you off the hook.

Dear Mr. President: A few days ago I suggested that someone needed to be fired for the Scare Force One NYC flyover.

I had earnestly hoped that YOU would take responsibility for yet another domestic debacle, and that YOU would resign, sparing us the continued agony of your tenure as President.

Sadly, it was not to be. However, the sacrifice of former Secretary of the Army (Under Clinton) Louis Caldera, one in a series of your clueless appointments, certainly doesn't clear you of responsibility for your stupidity.

You screwed up by politicizing the White House Military Office; you screwed up by putting Caldera in charge of it, instead of a military Flag Officer, and then YOU allowed the people of downtown New York to be terrified as YOU wasted over $300,000 for a picture that will forever shame you; a picture that COULD have been photo shopped for a buck.

Mr. President, your unforced errors are continuing to frighten those of us who actually pay attention to what you do instead of how you look. PLEASE get someone in there with at least a modicum of competence before someone who can REALLY hurt this Nation gives it a shot.

New York Post

Friday, May 08, 2009
Last Update: 04:55 PM EDT



May 8, 2009
Posted: 3:54 pm
May 8, 2009

WASHINGTON -- A top White House aide resigned today for his role in Air Force One's $328,835 photo-op flyover above New York City that sparked panic and flashbacks to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. His resignation was made public at the same time the photo of the flyover was released by the White House.

Louis Caldera said the controversy had made it impossible for him to effectively lead the White House Military Office. "Moreover, it has become a distraction in the important work you are doing as president," Caldera said in his resignation letter to President Barack Obama.

The sight of the huge passenger jet and an F-16 fighter plane flying past the Statue of Liberty and the lower Manhattan financial district sent panicked office workers streaming into the streets on April 27. Obama said it would not happen again.

Caldera's office approved the photo-op, which cost $35,000 in fuel alone for the plane and two jet fighter escorts. The Air Force estimated the photo shoot cost taxpayers $328,835.

White House officials said the flight was designed to update the official photo of the plane, known as Air Force One when the president is aboard. The White House released a photo of the blue-and-white plane high above the Statue of Liberty, with New Jersey in the background.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dear President Obama: Did you REALLY believe this would just "go away?"

Mr. President, in just one of your many idiotic moves, you've decided (and a barn-headed monkey knows it was you, personally) not to release any of the pictures from yet another $328,000 of our money that YOU wasted on a campaign photo-op that could have been accomplished by even a beginner?

You actually are dumber then you look.

YOU vaporized over $300,000 and now WE, who PAID for your idiocy, have NOTHING to show for it?

Good God... I simply cannot believe you deluded enough people to get elected.

New York Post



Last updated: 11:24 am
May 5, 2009
Posted: 1:56 am
May 5, 2009

The $328,835 snapshots of an Air Force One backup plane buzzing lower Manhattan last week will not be shown to the public, the White House said yesterday.

"We have no plans to release them," an aide to President Obama told The Post, refusing to comment further.

The sole purpose of the secret photo-op, which sent thousands of New Yorkers running for cover, was to take new publicity shots of the presidential jet over the city.

"The photos . . . are classified -- that's ridiculous," Councilman Peter Vallone Jr., said.

The photos have not technically been "classified," a White House aide said, but they are being kept from public view.

New Yorkers said they could not understand how a president who shares intimate snapshots from the White House could justify keeping these secret.

"So we're not gonna see the fruits of this cruel joke?" said Frank Antonelli, 39, one of the Wall Street traders spooked by last week's flyover.

"I'm not surprised. Obama . . . wouldn't further all the bad publicity by putting out those pictures."

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