Monday, April 27, 2009

Dear President Obama: Someone, most likely you, needs to be fired for the NYC fly-over idiocy of yours.

Mr. President, it's bad enough that you're such a rank hypocrite on the environment, having wasted 9,000 gallons of fuel and hundreds of thousands of our tax payer dollars so you could make one of your many hypocritical speeches telling us how to live while you ignore those same rules, some moron working for you REALLY thought it was necessary for one of the Air Force One fleet to ACTUALLY fly low over the WTC site for a photo op with the Statue of Liberty.

Besides the idiocy of actually spending ADDITIONAL hundreds of thousands taxpayer dollars for ANOTHER photo op, you failed to let all of the appropriate New York authorities on to the gag, so you managed to scare the crap out of a few million people... more then you do merely by being our incompetent president, I mean.

Tell us, please, Mr. President... we're dying to know: is there some PARTICULAR reason one of those criminals... one of those incompetent morons working for you couldn't have accomplished the same thing by PHOTO SHOPPING THIS LITTLE DRAMA?

YOU tell US not to waste energy... and then YOU, not unlike that simpleton short-busser AlGore, waste more energy in a DAY then most families go through in a year.


What scares me even more is that apparently, you've surrounded yourself with a bunch of "yes" men and women, people who lack the guts or intelligence to tell you when you're bound and determined to do something stupid... again.

When you engage in these monumentally stupid and unforced errors; stupid, unforced errors that the media would have crucified any Republican over, you embolden our enemies and weaken our country. Who is your fall guy for this idiocy, Mr. President? Who gets fired? That non-military idiot you hired to run the Military Affairs Office, Louis Caldera in your shop? He seems like a likely foil. At only $50,000 per hour to fly your plane, ($328,835 total costs... for a fricking PICTURE) you'd think he'd give a rat's patooty about our money and making you like more like a fool than you do all by yourself.

Simple, basic, competency, Mr. President. You're screwing up in ways that would get a 5th grade class president suspended from school. And you're doing it over... and over... and over... again.

Caldera needs to go, and you need to put a one star BACK IN THERE. If you had actually kept this a military billet... then none of this additional idiocy would have happened.

Stop it. While the Iranians, NorKs, Russians and Chinese are amused by your idiocy, and are becoming increasingly sure that if they take a shot at us, they'll be able to accomplish that which no one else has been able to do... and that is, succeed.... those of us actually paying attention are becoming less so.

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