Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dear President Obama: In case you're wondering what military leadership really is.

So far, you've been a clueless idiot about most all things military.

In everything from lying during your campaign about troop withdrawals, to blowing off the Medal of Honor Reception on your inauguration, to trying to get us to pay for our own wounds by sticking it to our own insurance companies, you've been an utterley loathsome Commander in Chief.

Well, Mr. President, here's another clue in the clue bag as to what it takes to lead. It's about courage. It's about sacrifice. It's about honor.

And frankly, Sir, you seem to lack any clue about any of those tenets of leadership. So here;s a video, from CBS of all people, that may give you a glimpse of what you're in charge off.

No con job like your last photo op with screened military supporters. But the real deal.

So, watch this, Mr. President. Get a grip. And get a clue. This is the kind of leadership YOU should aspire to.

The Warriors Code, Part II

Maybe not for you guys, but this one comes with a hankie warning for me anyway. Nah, who am I kidding, even if you have a Grinch pre-whoville 2 sizes too small heart, this one will choke you up.

Video up after the jump, since it plays automatically.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Brian Brennan is a fellow alumnus of The Citadel, and a brother of mine, in arms if not in blood. He is a recipient of the Arland D. Williams Award, and a true American Hero.

I just feel so humbled by men like Brian.

Here is his website.

H/t to Hawkeye and the VA

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