Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dear President Obama: Change? No one believes in your houses of cards.

Since your win in the last election, millions have been watching you, hoping against hope that we were wrong in our assessments of you; your lack of experience, your partisan leftist plans, your multiple campaign lies. So far, every day, in every imaginable way, you've proven us right. Far too right.

So, far, you've shown that utter incompetence and partisanship both guide your personnel selections as well as your policy choices. You've almost effortlessly managed to bury us in debt for future generations; and you've started your income redistribution program brilliantly, under the guise of bailing out millions who either were stiffed into irresponsible mortgages by others, or who lied about their ability to pay; and as a result, stiffed the banks that you've already pumped hundreds of billions of our dollars into as if those dollars just appeared out of thin air.... like magic.

Eighteen years ago this month, I became both homeless and without a job. No, it wasn't drugs or alcohol or jail. It was actually divorce wreckage that nearly destroyed me. I've lived in places no one should live in. I did things to survive that no one should have had to do. I understand poverty and being "poor" far better than you ever will.

But now, I own a home on acreage, and I have worked and sweated and bled to start my own consulting company. I pay more in taxes yearly than most make in wages here locally. And I see it all slipping away, Mr. President.

I see that you are bailing out everyone and everything in sight. I see you're bailing out your union allies, sparing no expense because, after all, they bought you fair and square. I see that you're taking our tax money to do that, for generations to come. I see that those of us who struggle to keep our word; who fight to live up to our agreements and contracts are the ones who are going to be forced at the point of government authority to support those who do not.

Mr. President, you are making me and millions of others pay for the actions of others. You're making me and millions of others pay for the poor judgment of others, and the poor governance provided by you and your colleagueson both sides of the aisle, that has led us to this.

You're all about "bailing" people out.

What about us, Mr. President? Who bails us out? Who is bailing out those of us you're forcing to pay the bills?

Without consulting me, without asking me in any way, you have laid a debt of tens of thousands of dollars on me, my wife, my children and my business. And their children. And their children's children.

Why are you doing this to us, Mr. President? Please, the next time you're in front of a camera oozing your transparent insincerity; please, please explain it to me... to us. Help us to avoid the specter of losing everything because of your fine efforts. Help us to believe that when you leave, we'll still have something left.

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