Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dear President Obama: It's really a shame that you never mentioned how much you were gonna screw us during your campaign.

Mr. President, I must admit that I have developed a grudging respect for your abilities during your time as Leader of the Free World.

So far, you've only managed to mangle our economy and screw up our policy in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle East.

I recognize that it's early in your tenure. I sincerely hope you're impeached as soon as possible, or this country will run the risk of going flat broke for the generations you've already managed to bury in debt.

Your budget and your porkulus package takes "care" of everyone that you'll need for your hopefully abortive re-election effort. And that "care" is provided in such a way that no one's held accountable... no one is responsible for whatever they do, and no one pays the price for the condition we're in.

I get why you failed to take me up on my offer to restore economic sanity to the United States. You know as well as I do that your horrific effort will not work. If you truly believed it would happen... if you truly and actually believed in your fantasy budget numbers, you fantasy deficit numbers and your fantasy growth numbers, you would have had no difficulty in putting your job on the line to prove it.

Courtesy of Drudge.

Your efforts have disheartened those paying close attention. You continue to live up to the soft racism of low expectations; not because you're half black but because your inability to grasp functional economic and foreign policy principles come blasting through every day you're in office.

Instead of allowing market principles that matter to drive us out of this horrific situation, you just write checks with money we do not have and perhaps, never will have. You use fake numbers, you cook the books, you allow a budget with 9000 ear marks, and this, somehow, represents "Change?"

In getting elected, Mr. President, you've done a great deal for minorities in this country, helping them to leave their institutional victimhood behind, and teaching them that, yes, anyone might actually become anything.

But in screwing up so badly; in appointing criminals to cabinet positions, in lying about appointing lobbyists, in paying off your political supporters like your new middle name is Blagojavich, in burying us in an unclimbable mountain range of debt, you are personally responsible for hurting every American alive... and tens of millions not yet born.

Thank you so much for meeting each and every one of my expectations. Well done.

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