Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dear President Obama: When are you going to stop destroying our economy?

Imagine my lack of surprise when I opened up the Seattle Times and saw this headline:

Worst week for Wall Street since October

All those snippets of campaign flashbacks came to mind. All that garbage you sniveled about concerning President Bush's "irresponsibility" with the economy and the deficit started to ping around my head.

Compared to Mr. Bush, your handling of the economy has been not that much different than a raving lunatic.

I recognize that you're in a tough spot. But you've come in here acting like you know what you're doing, when clearly you do not, and you're experimenting on us like we're concentration camp inmates and you're the doctor.

Mr. President, this is MY life you're screwing around with. MY life, and the lives of my wife and children. YOU sold yourself as the new messiah, and it's not working. YOU are the one inflicting permanent, life long pain on us. YOU.

As a former president, you do not risk losing YOUR house. You do not risk any inability to feed YOUR children; they're set for private schools and drivers and people who will live to serve them. I don't have that luxury. Hundreds of millions of us don't have that luxury.

I heard rumblings that you've expressed concern that if this doesn't work, you'll be a "one-term president."

Mr. President, if this "doesn't work," and right now, the early betting by people who know more about the economy than you EVER will is that it will not work; you should do the modern version of the honorable thing and resign, taking the entire lot of you that brought us to this with you.

Maybe you could find a job as a "community organizer."

Locally, we have politicians acting every day as if the will of the people is a meaningless, nebulous concept; and that political pay offs and pay backs are the order of the day. You're taking that concept to new heights, in ways undreamed of by the greatest economic criminals of our time.

Mr. President, you run the risk of turning your name into an adjective. Much like your sort turned Judge Robert Bork's name into "borking," it seems we'll find ourselves referring to your outcomes as "obama-ing."

Your leaders in the senate are showing LEGENDARY incompetence, not unlike your own. Just yesterday, the blithering idiot running the senate banking committee completely lost what's left of his mind by going off the reservation and talking about "nationalizing banks."

Did he do that on his own? Not likely. Dodd is a moron, and unlikely to act without your concurrence. He has yet to figure out what a political liability you're going to be. Did he shoot off his mouth with his nonsensical blather about "temporally nationalizing banks" as a trial balloon to give you political cover?

Call me a cynic, but your amateurish efforts at governance could easily lead to such a scenario.

Here's what I know: Since your election, the market has headed south, the price of gas is beginning to skyrocket, you've buried us in an unclimbable mountain of debt... all the while, YOU talk about our "crisis."

Somebody else has done that in our past. Somebody else found an "issue." Somebody else used a pretext to take over. And it wasn't that long ago, Mr. President. We haven't forgotten. I see the video frequently on the History Channel, and it's frightening how much you seem to be paralleling our past, that it seems we're doomed to repeat.

For God's sake, Mr. President, stop. Just.... stop.

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