Monday, February 9, 2009

Dear President Obama: When you stand there and tell us that there's no pork in the massive waste of money, you're a liar. Why?


When you tell us that:
"Now, there will be some people who say this is a pork bill, but this bill does not have a single earmark in it, which is unprecedented for its size."

Why? Your decision to engage in verbal gymnastics doesn't change the FACT that this massive indebtedness program and colossal waste of money is FILLED with enough pork that it will put Hormel to shame!

Your remarks make no more sense than they would if you were to come out and tell everyone that secretly, you are a Republican.

The Washington Post -- Billions may go to waste because stimulus money will be spent faster than it can be tracked: "The Obama administration's economic stimulus plan could end up wasting billions of dollars by attempting to spend money faster than an overburdened government acquisition system can manage and oversee it, according to documents and interviews with contracting specialists.

Related post at the conservative -- $300 million for "golf carts": "$300 million has been allocated in the stimulus bill for modern golf carts and other forms of environmentally friendly modes of transportation. The Democrats thought they could fool you by renaming the money earmarked for golf carts in the stimulus bill as paying for 'neighborhood electric vehicles' and 'low speed motor vehicles.' "

• $2 billion earmark to re-start FutureGen, a near-zero emissions coal power plant in Illinois that the Department of Energy defunded last year because it said the project was inefficient.

• $650 million for the digital television converter box coupon program.

• $88 million for the Coast Guard to design a new polar icebreaker (arctic ship).

• $448 million for constructing the Department of Homeland Security headquarters.

• $248 million for furniture at the new Homeland Security headquarters.

• $600 million to buy hybrid vehicles for federal employees.

• $400 million for the Centers for Disease Control to screen and prevent STD's.

• $1.4 billion for rural waste disposal programs.

• $125 million for the Washington sewer system.

• $150 million for Smithsonian museum facilities.

• $1 billion for the 2010 Census, which has a projected cost overrun of $3 billion.

• $75 million for "smoking cessation activities."

• $200 million for public computer centers at community colleges.

• $75 million for salaries of employees at the FBI.

• $25 million for tribal alcohol and substance abuse reduction.

• $500 million for flood reduction projects on the Mississippi River.

• $10 million to inspect canals in urban areas.

• $6 billion to turn federal buildings into "green" buildings.

• $500 million for state and local fire stations.

• $650 million for wildland fire management on forest service lands.

• $1.2 billion for "youth activities," including youth summer job programs.

• $88 million for renovating the headquarters of the Public Health Service.

• $412 million for CDC buildings and property.

• $500 million for building and repairing National Institutes of Health facilities in Bethesda, Maryland.

• $160 million for "paid volunteers" at the Corporation for National and Community Service.

• $5.5 million for "energy efficiency initiatives" at the Department of Veterans Affairs National Cemetery Administration.

• $850 million for Amtrak.

• $100 million for reducing the hazard of lead-based paint.

• $75 million to construct a "security training" facility for State Department Security officers when they can be trained at existing facilities of other agencies.

• $110 million to the Farm Service Agency to upgrade computer systems.

• $200 million in funding for the lease of alternative energy vehicles for use on military installations.

And yet, you stand there and tell us this?

"Now, there will be some people who say this is a pork bill, but this bill does not have a single earmark in it, which is unprecedented for its size."

Words fail me at how much you are lying. I'm sure that you can justify your nonsensical, belief defying lies... but that's what they are, Mr. President: Lies.

And that's what you're Administration will be known for, Mr. President: The Administration of Criminals and Liars. You're making President Bush look like President Lincoln in comparison to your lying, moronic efforts.

And remember this, Mr. President: The more you lie and think we're stupid, the more despised you will be.


  1. Amen, just a guy. I was yelling the same thing at my TV this morning when I watched the Messiah address the adoring masses of Elkhart IN.

    I have a feeling I'll be hollering at the TV again when the Messiah addressses the country this evening.

    (great site, dude.)

  2. Thanks for stopping by, and we're in complete agreement. This is an unbelievable scam and I am truly ashamed of my government and what they're doing to us.

  3. You`d think a Muslim would recognize pork, and for that matter, an earmark, with ears like his...


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