Friday, February 6, 2009

Dear President Obama, you need to change course.

I thought I'd take this format to write you since emails and letter typically wind up "deleted" or derailed by GS-4 clerks whose sole reason for employment is to "select all>mass response>delete" or otherwise add to the land fill. On my other blog, I have seen the occasional review by someone(s) in the odd Federal agency or two, so I figured, "what the hell," maybe someone, somewhere that matters might review our one-sided conversation.

I thought I'd start by telling you, in the interests of full disclosure, that I did not vote for you. In fact, I voted for no one at the presidential level, since no one running was worthy of the position, in my opinion.

My reasons for opposing your election were many, but they boil down to this: I was concerned that, if you were elected, you simply were incapable of leading our country out of this, or any other morass; frankly, you haven't disappointed in that regard.

Unfortunately for the people of this country, you've managed to develop a level of political tonedeafness that has Bill Clinton's political career spinning in it's grave.

You're a study in contrasts. During the campaign, you talked about how irresponsible President Bush was for running up a deficit (Never mind we're in a war and all) and yet, what you propose will ultimately make Mr. Bush's deficit look like a parking lot fender-bender compared to an "eight killed in the intersection" scenario.

During the campaign, lacking any relevant experience that remotely qualified you for the Office, you told us that you were the best candidate because of your superior "judgment."

Of course, your own Vice President has told us that you were not ready to be president... but you told us your judgment made up for every one of the gaping, glaring lacks of experience, political savvy and knowledge that would have made your election something we could be proud of.

So, let's review the bidding of your "judgment."

Many of your Cabinet choices have been disasters. Geithner: criminal tax dodger and fraud, now, God help us, Secretary of the Treasury of the United States.

Daschle: an even bigger, more recent and much more ethically challenged former lobbyist and criminal tax dodger for Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Killefer: a more minor but nevertheless troubling inability to pay her taxes.

Richardson: Pay for play investigation ongoing.

These names don't begin to scratch the surface on your shattered campaign promise concerning lobbyists in the White House:
"I am running to tell the lobbyists in Washington that their days of setting the agenda are over. They have not funded my campaign. They won't work in my White House."
And yet, at least 17 of those selfsame individuals DO or WILL "work in your White House."

This troubles me greatly, Mr. President. It troubles me because it sounds a great deal like you lied to the American people.

It troubles me because it gives me pause to wonder: what else are you lying about?

YOU people made the lobbyist issue into a campaign issue. You made a pledge in public, a promise to us that you have completely broken.

So, when you get up behind the podium and engage in rank partisanship (like you did yesterday at the Democrat retreat) or knock out an op ed that thunders:
"This recession might linger for years. Our economy will lose 5 million more jobs. Unemployment will approach double digits. Our nation will sink deeper into a crisis that, at some point, we may not be able to reverse."
The problem for me is your use of the word "might."

Are you willing to put your job on the line if you're wrong? If you pass this boondoggle and it fails (and it WILL fail, just like the last one) are you willing to resign in your effort to take responsibility for the damage you will have done to our country?

Of course not.

Why should we believe you? HOW can we believe you? This pig has so much pork loaded on it that it's the Hormel of all bailouts, with expenditures that will slam us into debt for generations; Stuart Varney even used my suggested phrase that indicates this spendelus should be renamed the Generational Indebtedness Act (GIA).
The GIA is an embarrassment. The crap and corruption loaded into this thing will accomplish NOTHING except to pay off your political allies. Is THAT a reason to dump another trillion dollars of debt onto our children's children's children's children (ad infinitum)?
Where's the "transparency" you pledged? What happened to those $78 BILLION in TARP funds that seemed to have vaporized?
It appears that you've started your Administration with a lie and utter incompetence. Do you believe taking this kind of action will actually bolster our confidence in you?
You jump in OUR (your) 747 yesterday, and use it to fly 114 miles from DC to Williamsburg? How much did THAT colossal waste of money cost the taxpayers? You demand that WE conserve energy, but you then waste more in one short flight then I will use in a decade?

Mr. Obama, you need to find SOMEONE who knows what the hell they're doing, because it seems fairly clear that, at this point, YOU do not.

But then, I never believed you would.

We'll chat again, Mr. President. Thank you for your time.

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