Monday, March 9, 2009

Dear President Obama: Do I WANT you to fail?

What say I prevaricate just the tiniest bit.

What say I conclude that I don't give a damn whether YOU, personally, fail or not.

What I DO care about succeeding is my country. You see, Mr. President, I need to state the obvious: my country is so much more important than you are.

Rahm the Slam is attempting to orchestrate some sort of campaign... using Federal dollars and Federal facilities to orchestrate a lie.

All of that said, let me express my concerns to you.

See, for the past 6 or 7 years or so, you people on the left have been entertaining us with the bizarre concept that YOU can "support the troops" while doing everything you can to screw up their mission.

As long as I'm breathing, I'll NEVER forget the immortal (and treasonous) words of Sen. Dick Durbin (Your seat mate, if memory serves) actually on the floor of the United States Senate... actually "supporting the Troops" by calling them Nazis.

So, tell us, Mr. President: How is it that you people could support the troops and do everything you could to make their mission fail; but we can't do the same with you?

What is it that causes the left to be such hypocrites? How is it that you and your kind can support the troops while you oppose their mission, but we cannot, somehow, support our country while we oppose YOU?

I just can't seem to recall you or any of the other fringe-left nutjobs doing everything you could to undermine our soldiers... destroy their morale... cut off their funding... having ANY problem not only HOPING that President Bush would fail... BUT doing EVERYTHING YOU COULD TO MAKE HIM FAIL... and all in the name of politics.

So tell me, Mr. President... tell US: you sold our soldiers out for power. They bled because of you and people like you. They died because of you and people like you. People like you strengthened and emboldened our enemies and doing that helped them to kill us.

Do you understand that, Mr. President?

You hoped that the very most important thing in the lives of hundreds of thousands of members of our Armed Forces and their families would fail, Mr. President. In fact, according to the scum leading the senate democrats, we had already lost the war, and the surge would be an abysmal failure. As I recall, that was the same kind of nonsense that, in your colossal ignorance... YOU were spouting.

I'm sure you were terribly disappointed that, like usual, democrat traitor Sen. Reid was wrong. That didn't stop him from hurting our soldiers, though...and out failure to hold him and those like him accountable for his treason will be our everlasting shame.

So tell us, Mr. President... tell us: why should we treat you any differently?

Why shouldn't we hope that you don't crash and burn? Why shouldn't we do everything we can to cause you to fail?

It's not like you haven't been making it easy. Your incompetence layered on incompetence doesn't move our concerns into the realm of science fiction. Your destruction of our economy... the Keystone Cops quality of your foreign policy is easily matched by that same quality on the domestic front.

So here is what *I* hope: I hope you fail... soon. I hope you're forced out of office... soon. And I hope our country survives your efforts. And I know that, unfortunately, none of those things are particularly likely.

So, this is the scenario: You're gonna stay in office a long time. Your incompetence will be protected by the media so invested in you. And you will hurt this country each and every damned day of it.

Just like you have so far.


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