Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dear President Obama: Having Turbo Tax Tim Geithner talk about "shared sacrifice" is a non-starter.

So, I'm sitting here, watching Turbo Tax Timmy, stuck in the headlights of the Senate.

Mr. President, has the thought occurred to you, that having a criminal tax cheat testify to this nonsensical "shared sacrifice and burden" idiocy of yours is, perhaps, one of the most moronic things you've done?

This guy is a blithering idiot. He's actually defending the concept of jacking up taxes on small business and energy producers. Mr. President, what possessed you to believe that Geithner is a decent point man on getting me to think that gee, stunting our economic growth with massive tax increases is just the thing to get us out of our economic malaise? And when you jack those taxes up, who the hell do you believe are going to wind up paying them? Do you think that somehow, magically, the consumers that drive our economy won't wind up paying THIS bill in addition to all of the OTHER bills you want us to pay?

Do you think we've forgotten? Do you think our attention span is so short that we don't remember that this clown decided not to pay tens of thousands of dollars worth of taxes... taxes that you want US to pay?

And with your wasteful trips (Air Force One for a 140 mile trip? Are fricking KIDDING me?) and your every other day parties on the taxpayer dime... exactly where are YOU "sharing our sacrifice and burden?"

It's fairly clear that not only were you born on a Saturday... but you were born LAST Saturday.

Apparently, Mr. President, you're one of those clowns that believe that milk comes from grocery stores. We've been energy-challenged for years now, and you would act to make us more energy dependent on foreign oil by killing incentives to discover and use oil resources here?

Mr. President, no society has ever taxed itself into prosperity. Yet, you would have us embrace that model, when the fact of the matter is that you're shilling a budget EIGHT PERCENT LARGER THAN THE LAST BUDGET.

Fiscal discipline has no place in your bizarro world, does it, Mr. President? Instead of utilizing common sense and actually injecting fiscal discipline into the process, you want a budget with 9000+ earmarks... INCLUDING over 120 earmarks that are DUPLICATED in your porkulus project... earmarks that you were lying about when you campaigned against them; you work double overtime to continue to pay off your allies with OUR money... and then send Geithner out there to explain it all?

Clearly your grasp of domestic policy is as brain damaged as your foreign policy skills.

The sad efforts of Turbo Timmy are, in large part, because you sent him out there to defend the indefensible.

I get how problematic that is. But he looks like a bus crash survivor, and the utter crap he's spewing does nothing to help your cause... which SHOULD be the economic recovery of the United States... and not fattening the pockets of the special interests pulling your strings.

Thank you so much for screwing us, again, Mr. President. It's REALLY appreciated.

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