Monday, March 2, 2009

Dear President Obama: Is this how you're "feeling our pain?" Obama kicks up White House entertaining.

So, it really is true that Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

Mr. President, in case you haven't noticed (and it seems to me based on the idiocy of your decisions that you apparently haven't.) we're in a horrific recession with massive unemployment that's getting worse.

You've cut Defense spending in the middle of a war; buried us in debt that no one alive today will ever see the end of, and what do you, personally do to share our pain?

You party.

That's right, Mr. President, you not only spend our money like a drunken sailor to pay off your supporters, you spend it PERSONALLY like it materializes out of thin air.

I get that, thankfully for you, the campaign is over and Michelle needs something to do. Now that there's nothing she can say to overshadow your idiocy, it looks like she's been relegated to party hostess.

And the list of parties you've had during your short tenure is impressive... and expensive.

It's a damned good thing you're paying attention to us, Mr. President. Some might think that moronic idiocy you engaged in during your little jaunt to San Francisco, where you told those writing you checks of the disdain you have for those of us in the rural areas... where we hang on to our guns and our religion to get us through difficult times like these... times that YOU have made GEOMETRICALLY MORE DIFFICULT with your clueless handling of our economy while you've ignored the Congressional Budget Office and buried us in debt, might really be what you're about, otherwise.

You really should knock off the partying, Mr. President. God only knows how many people lost their homes on the days you were "getting down" with Stevie Wonder and those other live music experiences you've had when, in reality, Memorex would have really done the job.

Imagine what could have been done with the thousands of our dollars you've wasted so you could have a good time.

Really, Mr. President. Why don't you grow up?

Obama kicks up White House entertaining

By DARLENE SUPERVILLE, Associated Press Writer Darlene Superville, Associated Press Writer Mon Mar 2, 11:09 am ET

In this Feb. 25, 2009 file photo, President Barack Obama presents Stevie Wonder
AP – In this Feb. 25, 2009 file photo, President Barack Obama presents Stevie Wonder with the Library of Congress …

WASHINGTON – The White House is the place to be on Wednesdays.

Since the presidency changed hands less than six weeks ago, a burst of entertaining has taken hold of the iconic, white-columned home of America's head of state. Much of it comes on Wednesdays.

The stately East Room, where portraits of George and Martha Washington adorn the walls, was transformed into a concert hall as President Barack Obama presented Stevie Wonder with the nation's highest award for pop music on Wednesday.

A week before that, the foot-stomping sounds of Sweet Honey in the Rock, a female a cappella group, filled the East Room for a Black History Month program first lady Michelle Obama held for nearly 200 sixth- and seventh-graders from around the city.

Cocktails were sipped during at least three such receptions to date, all held on Wednesdays.


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