Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dear President Obama: Why haven't YOU stopped the flooding in Fargo?

This is a very good question.

My God, when New Orleans experienced sprinkles, the leftist scum out there DEMANDED to know what Bush had done something. They wanted to know why he hadn't redeployed National Guard troops from Iraq, brought in the entire US Navy, and how ANY of this could have happened.

Bush was blamed for EVERYTHING.

He was blamed for the hurricane itself by the leftist algorebots.

He was blamed for the condition of the dikes and levies.

He was blamed for the police looting the stores.

He was blamed for the mishandling of everything from prisoners to hospital patients.

He was blamed for every emergency failure imaginable... almost as if the states and cities hadn't existed as entities. New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagan's rampant bigotry and racism were immediately forgiven.

But to this day, we've not heard the end of New Orleans, including the moron set who actually told us that Bush had BLOWN UP THE LEVIES.

Now, Fargo is in the process of dissolving. Where are the media hounding you?

How come they're not dogging you like they did Bush?

How come all those concerns expressed by your fellow leftist loons when Bush was in office are unheard of now?


Is THIS the Change we're supposed to believe in?

Why hasn't Bambi saved Fargo?

So, apparently Fargo has been flooding. News to me. Supposedly, the Red River rests around 13' - and is now over 40' and looking to crest. I've seen a few photos - flooded streets, destroyed houses, etc. Terrible, terrible stuff.

But you know what? I'm a little ticked off with the citizens of Fargo. I mean, my god man - quit trying to steal the thunder out from the Hurricane Katrina victims. This year is about CHANGE. We VOTED IN OBAMA. Don't come crying to us with your sob stories about ineffectual government prevention of natural disasters. We only pull that shit on Republicans.

We all know that within a day or two, Obama is going to fly in on his magical unicorn and use his superpowers to pull them out of whatever predicament they're in. At least, that's what he promised us in his campaign speeches. And Democrats always tell the truth.

I mean, it IS the President's job to prevent this sort of thing, isn't it? We absolutely reamed Dubya for it, right? So, where's Bambi and his endless supply of FEMA teams? Heck, where's Kanye West accusing the President of hating white people (Fargo IS primarily white, isn't it?) Isn't Bambi's complete inaction ABSOLUTE PROOF of his clear and overt racism? Or is that just asinine in and of itself?

You might think I'm being facetious - but I'm really not. Now, granted, I gave up following the news for Lent, so I haven't really been paying attention - but this is actually the very first I've ever even HEARD of flooding trouble in Fargo, threatened levees, etc. And I can't help but wonder why.

When it was New Orleans, you couldn't flip through the channels without getting at least four of them reporting on A) the terrible calamity about to occur; and B) the failure of the Executive Branch to do anything about it (even though it's not their job.) Today, the Top Stories on MSNBC are with regard to the Space Shuttle and (I shit you not) "Diners can 'have a ball' at testicle festival." Front page at the New York Times? Immigration and health care. The headline on Yahoo's front page is about Miley freakin' Cyrus. Where are the 24-7 live-feed videos of the floodwaters over people's homes? Where are the left-wing celebrities decrying the failure of the federal government?

Don't you find it just the least bit odd that when floodwaters are rising and people are in jeopardy, that the nation, the president, and media outlets are suddenly silent - when only less than half a decade ago, people wanted to see someone from the national administration hang for it?

Why is it that when people's homes and lives are threatened by natural disaster, it's OK to blame Republicans for it; but when it's a Democrat sitting in the big chair, we barely even know it's happening? To add insult to injury is the fact that your fledgling, doe-eyed president made so much reference to the "suffering of New Orleans" in order to gain the pity vote. Yet, I don't see him out there bailing water with a bucket, do you?

"Change," he said. Yet, from where I'm sitting, it looks like exactly the same thing.

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