Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dear President Obama: Your lies on the deficit just... keep... coming.

I may have mentioned a word... or two... or thousands... concerning the lies and the deficit and the Intergenerational Indebtedness Act and the TRILLIONS in debt you've burying us under.

Mr. President, when you told us you would "cut the budget deficit by half before the end of your term," you were, again, LYING.

During YOUR campaign... you REPEATEDLY fired at President Bush over his irresponsibility due to his Budget Deficits.

Well, here's a simple graphic that lays it all out. Here's a simple picture that shows how you're working SOOOOOO hard to destroy our economy:

Even presuming that your rather self-serving numbers are correct (and while there is a great number of reasons why YOU would lie, there does not appear to be all that many for the CBO to lie) the horrific damage YOU will do to this country under EITHER scenario cannot be overstated.

Mr. President, You're a reasonably bright guy... for a child of Affirmative Action and the "subtle racism of low expectations."

Are you SURROUNDED by sycophants? Is there ANYONE around you with the balls to tell you you're out of your fricking MIND? Do you have SOMEONE, ANYONE there to keep you off Fantasy Island?


We were all better off when you were mainlining whatever it was when you were smoking that dope.

Under your scenario, the value of the dollar will likely be crushed. We risk hyper-inflation, and because of your inability to get past your fringe-left wing neanderthal political perspective, we will be paying unheard of amounts for energy... even though the use of our current energy stores SHOULD be a priority as part of a COMPREHENSIVE energy program, including fossil, hydro, wind, solar and tide to MAKE US ENERGY SELF-SUFFICIENT.

How much is a gallon of gasoline going to cost us; if we can find such a thing; under YOUR "brilliant" handling of the economy, and your rank, amateur handling of foreign policy? (What have YOU done to sell out Poland today?)

Mr. President, both Russia AND China are going to make efforts to ditch the dollar as the international reserve currency.

And who can blame them?

As horrifying as that thought is to me, personally, your colossal MISHANDLING of our economy in such an amazingly short time makes their efforts the ONLY logical outcome.

Imagine... China, which at $2 TRILLION holds the most foreign exchange reserves, is beating down the value of those same dollars by making these observations internationally... does so knowing full well that the drop of the value of the dollar by ONE CENT represents the drop of the value of their reserves by that same 1/100th... or TWENTY BILLION DOLLARS.

But China, like everyone else, looks at their piles of paper and they ask themselves this question: With a clueless moron running the American economy, what is this pile of paper going to be worth when he's done?

Mr. President, these people are clearly voting with their feet. If THEY see a light at the end of the tunnel, they believe, as does the CBO and most other people not in love with the neo-com philosophy, that it's attached to a train.

OTHERWISE, they'd be digging in for the long hall, KNOWING that they'll come out much farther ahead if they just hang on to their dollars until we get this ship you're working overtime to capsize, righted.

Thank you SO much for setting us up for disaster, Mr. President. While you're doing a DAMNED fine job on your promise of "CHANGE," you are TOTALLY screwing the pooch on the "HOPE" part of your platform of lies.


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