Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dear President Obama: I thought you might be disinterested in the people, but this is ridiculous: ABC reports: "Obama unaware of Tea Parties."

At the risk of running afoul of the fascist you've got running Homeland Security, I have to ask you: are you a moron, or are your people just flat-out lying?

Is it even remotely possible that you're so isolated that you actually DON'T know about the hundreds of protests aimed at your out of control spending and your socialist programs?

Is it possible that you're so disinterested that even though you DO know, you simply don't care enough to respond?

Are you such a clueless idiot that 1994 has simply faded from your reality?

I'm chained to my desk, WORKING this morning, and if I COULD have figured out a way, I WOULD have found one of these efforts locally and voiced my concerns over the moronic programs, spending, partisanship and leftist policies you've brought to this country.

I actually fear the leg-humping media that covers for you no matter how badly you screw up. And your utter and complete failure to acknowledge the increasing restiveness of the American tax payer shows you to be as clueless in domestic policy as much as your idiotic foreign policy.

Get a grip, Mr. President. Fewer and fewer people are buying into your low-grade BS., the official blog of the Media Research Center
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Maybe he just doesn't know that there are people who disagree with his massive tax and spend agenda. That would explain a lot. Perhaps the network media's near silence on the "tea party" phenomenon has kept President Obama from realizing that hundreds of tax day protests will happen today?

"The White House says the president is unaware of the tea parties and will hold his own event today," ABC's Dan Harris said on "Good Morning America" on April 15.

Harris's story was the first ABC News report specifically about the tea parties since Rick Santelli's of CNBC's famous rant calling for a Chicago Tea Party back in February. CNBC's Joe Kernen referred to Santelli's impact on spurring the tea parties as a "cultural phenomenon."

Santelli reacted on April 15 to the hundreds of protests scheduled for tax day around the country saying "I'm pretty proud of this."

NBC also addressed the tea parties in passing on April 15 "Today." Chuck Todd dismissed the protests as "so-called" tea parties and said "the idea hasn't really caught on."

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  1. "unaware" - Code for I'll not give it my attention, therefore the MSM won't, therefore, the people who think the MSM really reports "new" things, will never even realize it happened, so I can go on telling them we can spend our way out of debt!


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