Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dear President Obama: Can there BE a more WORTHLESS statement then : "I take full responsibility?"

Mr. President, I've been asking you to actually step up and put your job on the line. In this post, I laid out my request in the simplest of terms, and you apparently decided that your lies couldn't be backed up.

And then, you pulled out the old, time worn saw about "taking full responsibility" for the AIG debacle. (Although, I AM confused as to whether or not that was before... or after... you again blamed Bush for Dodd's lies and this whole mess) so, I thought I'd ask you: exactly what does the phrase "I take full responsibility" mean, exactly?

Bill Clinton made that one of the most utterly worthless phrases in politics. When the act of taking that "responsibility" doesn't result in any personal, negative consequence to the person TAKING that responsibility... then precisely what the hell good is it?

I mean... you didn't cut off a little finger like they do when they fail in the Yakuza in Japan, did you?

You haven't told that criminal tax cheat you appointed to the Treasury to fine you any amount of your pay, have you?

And you haven't done the right thing, the honorable thing and resigned, have you?

So, except for looking like an arrogant moron... precisely WHAT DID you accomplish with that bogus little passion play?

In other words, Mr. President: when an empty suit "Takes responsibility?" It's a joke.

Spare us. This is getting less and less funny.


  1. Actually it was a joke for a previous administration. In the 70's some comic put out an album called "Watergate: A Fantasy". It had impressions of all of the great voices of the day. At one point Nixon found himself in a cell next to Teddy Kennedy who said "When I returned, Mary Jo and the car were goooooone." Hubert Humphrey and George McGovern had been economically dislocated and were working as prison guards. When Nixon tried to escape Hubert asked warden Rod Stieger if he couldn't "Go down there and pump a few shots into those jowls." McGovern chimed in with "I believe that killing is wrong, but in this case I am willing to make an exception."

    Obama unwittingly copied an early part of the comedy routine which had Nixon saying: "My fellow Americans, I accept full responsibility. But not the blame. Let me explain the difference. People who are to blame lose their jobs. People who are responsible. . . do not."

    Everything old is new again.


  2. On target as always, HB! Well met!

  3. Words...worthless from this man. Deeds: I don't like the deeds he is becoming known for....

    The words from him are useless for the manner in which he announced it. It was the intonation and body language....something of contempt for the whole accountability thing, in my opinion.

    No serious "I'm in charge and I'm going to accept responsibility and roll up my sleeves and get to the bottom of this!" And a pledge to actually quit flying about the country on my dime, when he should be facing the work on his desk.

    I know where I have worked, if I decided to take most days and go out to play at what I'd like, I'd have been fired after less than a week.

    The man can't even be accountable to himself, let alone the taxpayers, who, like it or not, didn't vote for him or not, still pay his salary and expenses every single day....


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