Friday, March 6, 2009

Dear President Obama: Here's what we've learned about you this week.

I'm a huge Red Eye fan... it's on at midnight out here on the Left Coast, but thanks to the wonders of DVR's, I typically can watch it at a more civilized hour.

It's an edgy show on FOXNews... and it's definitely PG13. But it's also a frequently humorous look at the many problems and issues confronting us in the US, done with a flare and panache. The latest effort by the show's host and driving force is the "Gregalogue," a brief and all-too-factual review of the issue de jour... like this:

It`s Friday, and it`s time for the Friday list!

Because, it's Friday!

Tonight: what we`ve learned in the first six weeks of Obama`s presidency!

-When Wall Street suffers, so does main street. The distinction between the two made by Obama was a ruse – class warfare rhetoric that worked to win an election, and lose an economy. But what a historic election!

-"Historic" doesn't mean it can`t be disastrous. For example, see the sky. It`s falling.

-If you`re a corporation - throwing parties is totally evil in these hard times. But if you`re the President – then it`s perfectly fine to bask in your messiah-like popularity every Wednesday night. Seriously, he really is as gorgeous in person as he is on the stamps we haven`t made yet, but certainly will.

-In Canada you can behead a man, and get away with it - which makes me wish that all those folks who said they were moving there during the Bush administration, actually did.

-Jon Stewart understands it`s easier to pick on some dude from CNBC, than to question harmful policies put forth by a charming President. Great job Jon – speaking truth to power.

-Unlike the world press – countries like Russia, Iran and Venezuela haven`t let Obama`s abs go to their heads. Yeah, he`s cute and everything, but check out our missiles


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  1. Redeye is a hoot. They also appreciate fanmail, and will put up clips from shows on Youtube upon request. Here is a favorite that I requested.


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