Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dear President Obama: Your reached unheard of heights of hypocrisy today: Earmarks.

So... let me get this straight:

You ran on a platform of ending earmarks. You remember, don't you, Mr. President? "Change we can believe in," and all that garbage?

So... what happened to that "go through the budget line by line" lie of yours, eh?

NOW, you tell us that when it comes to earmarks you: "...oppose their outright elimination."

Sorry, Mr. President... but could you direct us to which part of your campaign covered THAT?

So, you sneak around behind closed doors to sign this crap pile... no video... no wonderful speeches.

And now, you slink out like a drunk and tell us that this steaming pile of 9000 earmarks, including the garbage REPUBLICAN earmarks, is THE last drink you're EVER going to take... and that FAKE "change" will happen the VERY NEXT TIME.

You're a liar, Mr. President. You don't have the testicular fortitude to face down the leftists morons running the Congressional show. But I'm sure that watching you tap dance around your explanation as to why you lied to us will be extremely entertaining.

And you'll use the RINOs (Who also should be tossed out of office) to get the votes.

So, Mr. President, do us a favor and stop lying. Just come right out and tell us you were lying in your campaign; that you were counting on the ignorant and the gullible to get you elected... and they delivered in spades.

God, Mr. President. I am so unbelievably SICK of your lies. When will you EVER tell us the truth?

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